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    Incense is a kind of "mental stimulant" which can transform the ordinary into the very special, and do so easily at no great expense.  Fine incense burning in a plain room with gental lighting and a few special mementoes can produce a setting which subtly calls the psyche to relax, lighten and allow flow with the moment. 

    Incense Sticks 

    Our oils are the best essence oils available.  We are different from other perfumers because we do not use a base and add fragrance.  We use the finest blends of oils we can find.  Our oils consist of a wide variety of “Attars” from true essential oils to man-made compounds.

    OIls From India 

    Resin incense is loose incense produced from the fragrant sap of particular trees and shrubs by making an incission into the bark.  The fluid collected solidifys into 'balls' or 'tears' and available in various grades, which depend on the time of harvesting.  The resin is then hand-sorted for quality. 

  • SAGE

    Sage can be used to improve one's overall well-being. Sage can be purifying, used as a spiritual tool, may correct negative energy, soothe stress and create an uplifting enviroment.


    Incense powders are burned on charcoal disks and are made from resins, barks, seeds, roots and flowers.


    Loose Leaf contains natural flowers, barks, herbs and resins. No additional fragrances are added. Our Loose Leaf is ready for you to make your own custom blends.

    Loose Leaf