We have been in business since 1968, brining you over 50 years of experience in the world of incense, collectively over 100 years of incense knowledge.

Our offerings have shifted over the years, but our focus has never varied: Our primary goals have been to offer the best selection and variety of incense, increase customer awareness through education, and bring you the best quality of as many types of incense that meet our standards.

We always strive to keep our current standards. We use environmentally safe packaging when we can, and gather and recycle as many packing materials that are available to us. Since we are always striving to improve on our product lines, and since it is you we depend on for our continued success, we want to encourage you to stay in touch with us with your comments or suggestions. We will continue to do our best to provide “The Finest Fragrances From Around The World” and “Quality Incense for the Serious User”.  

Always reach out if you have any questions.   Happy incensing!