Use safety precautions that are normally used around flames, fire or heat.  Each piece of incense (including, but not limited to sticks, dhoops, cones, cups, resin), loose leaf or burning accessories like charcoal or heating oil, all take some type of fire/flame to ignite.

Please be careful of sputtering and sparks.  

Always store incense, oils and charcoals away from excessive heat, moisture and humidity.  Do not use igniter fluid and only use charcoal tablets made for incense use. 

Always keep away from children and pets.  Always be conscious of where you burn your incense and what it might come in contact with.

Burning incense is a fire hazard and should be regularly monitored. Lighting incense and then going to sleep is dangerous and should be avoided.

Burning incense makes it hot to the touch.  

Always use a burner that can take the heat and is properly insulated.  Use a material under the burner to protect your surface top.  A very hot burner can damage or discolor wooden surfaces and shatter glass table tops!

Charcoal tablets burned in a glass container without the use of sand or ash can cause the burner to get extremely hot and even shatter.

Since the charcoal contains igniter, it will sputter or spark once lit.  If the igniter is unevenly distributed in the tablet, it could pop, breaking off small pieces.  Some igniters will release smoke for a moment so be sure to use it in a well-ventilated area.  Always store the charcoal tablets away from excessive heat, moisture and humidity.  Do not use igniter fluid and only use charcoal tablets made for incense use.  Keep away from children and pets. 

Ash falling outside your incense burner could discolor furniture. It may even be hot enough to cause a fire hazard. Make sure all incense ash falls on a fireproof surface.

Position your incense away from drapes, lampshades, and other flammable objects that could ignite.
Keep your burner away from open windows or other drafty areas. Don't put your burner next to anything that could be blown around.

Never burn incense inside closets or hang anything above burning incense. Hanging clothing above burning incense is a potential fire hazard.   Burn incense in a ventilated area. 

Never leave burning incense unattended. Do not sleep when incense is burning. 

Make sure previously burnt incense is cool to the touch before picking it up and/or disposing of it. 

If you have health concerns (including, but not limited to respiratory difficulty, seizures, have had a stroke, pregnant, breast feeding) please check with your physician before burning incense. 

Don't burn incense under the influence of mind-altering substances. 

Do not burn incense while operating heavy machinery or driving cars. 

Do not take internally or ingest any of our products.  Not for internal use.