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Tibetan - Dhoop

Tibetan - Maha Dhoop (Creates Peacefulness)

Tibetan - Maha Dhoop (Creates Peacefulness)

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Maha is sweet with a few herbal notes and a herby sweet woody scent when burning.  Creates a tranquil atmosphere and used to eliminate stress and negative energies.  

This dhoop is an Ayurvedic made by hand with over 27 ingredients including Kum Kum, Shree Khanda, Shanga, Kuth, Devaderu, Rupkesharl, Bojho, and Kush.

The manufacturing of this incense is supervised by traditional rules of Jotish and Ayurveda. Made in Nepal.  All natural ingredients from the Himalayas. 

No bamboo core. 

Imported item via cottage industry from Nepal.  

Bundled in cloth bag. 

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