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Nippon Kodo - Traditional Japanese Incense

Nippon Kodo - Jinkoh Seiun

Nippon Kodo - Jinkoh Seiun

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An exquiste aloeswood experience.  

Jinkoh Seiun Aloeswood (or agarwood) is a highly rich and complex blend, with deep and earthy notes. When burning you may notice some background notes that are both sweet and balsamic (citrus).

Jinkoh translates as 'sinking wood', named as such due to this highly fragrant wood sinking in water, rather than floating. The fragrance of this wood has brought us the highest pleasure ever since ancient times. It is regarded as having one of the most pleasant fragrances, not only out of perfumes but out of anything that has a scent. Agarwood comes from a forest tree called the aquilaria tree which grows exclusively in south-east Asia. These trees have developed for years, lying dormant in the ground. Over this period the resin from these trees reacts in silent communion with the earth to create an exquisite scent that can only be expressed as one of the true mysteries of nature. The charm of agarwood, created through a unique natural process, is difficult to describe. Jinkoh Seiun invites you to express all your greatness. We are sure that you will appreciate it, whether you are an amateur of incense or a neophyte.

No bamboo core, very little smoking when burning.  Extruded stick.  

170 sticks per box.  Gold stamped box. 


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