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NIPPON KODO - Kafuh Scents In The Wind

Nippon Kodo - Kaful Scents In The Wind, Hinoki (Cypress)

Nippon Kodo - Kaful Scents In The Wind, Hinoki (Cypress)

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Cypress are aromatic incense sticks made from the aroma of Japanese Cypress or Hinoki trees.  The Hinoki Cypress incense has a fresh, dry and invigorating aroma that can be uplifting in a room. It’s a scent that could remind you of walking in a pine forest with dappled sunlight coming through the branches of the trees. Burn this incense when you need to feel uplifted or to cleanse and purify the air. 

The Kafuh's incense line (pronounced ‘ka-fu’) is inspired by “the scent of blossoms in the wind.”

No bamboo core, very little smoking when burning. Extruded stick.

120 stick box. 

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