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Nippon Kodo - Traditional Japanese Incense

Nippon Kodo - Kyara Taikan

Nippon Kodo - Kyara Taikan

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The highest quality/premium Aloeswood incense of Nippon Kodo, the deep and refined fragrance of Kyara Taikan is perfect for relaxation.

With the main ingredient being Kyara (Highest Quality Aloeswood,) Kyara Taikan features a scent that is refined and subtle, yet profound, embodying the manifold blessings of nature. Enjoy a fulfilled moment and relax in the deep fragrance of Kyara.

Japanese incenses are the most sophisticated fragrances in the world.  Their packaging is an art form.  They are subtle, yet complex and are beautifully crafted.  

No bamboo core, very little smoking when burning.   Extruded stick. 

150 sticks per box.

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