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Tibetan Bell with Mallet

Tibetan Bell with Mallet

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The sound of the bell will vary some as each are hand cast and slightly different.

You can use the wood mallet as you would a singing bowl by rubbing it around the bottom of the bell.

The bell is represented as the archetypal feminine principle the Dill boo [bell] who is depicted of perfection of wisdom directly perceiving the primordial nature of shunyata [emptiness].  The sould of the bell is empy and the sound arises as the bell is used then dissolves back into silence when the sound stops.   

The bottom rim of the bell represents the disc of emptiness from which all arises symbolizing the ring of lower dorjes, the garlands of hanging pearls, the upper horizontal dorjes, all forming the base for eight seed syllables of the eight Goddesses. 

The main feature of the bell is the handle which is the face of Vajra-para-mita, the greatest Goddess representing the union and perfection of all wisdom and awareness.  From her elaborate crown rise the five wisdom jewels which form the vajra cap to the bell.

Imported item via cottage industry from Nepal.  

Approximately 6" High.  One bell and one wooden mallet.  

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