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Baieido - Tokusen Kobunboku

Baieido - Tokusen Kobunboku

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A blend of exquisite Indian Sandalwood with a hint of Aloeswood. "Tokusen" means Excellent, "Ko" means Nice, "Bun" means Elegant, "Boku" means Wood or Tree.

Tokusen Kobunboku builds upon the famous formula as Baieido's renown Kobunboku combining  fifteen different aromatic spices with select Kalimantan Aloeswood.

Kobunboku is an expression of the Plum Tree. A traditional combination of sandalwood, borneol, clove, cinnamon, and other natural herbs. A very popular meditation incense. 

No bamboo core, very little smoking when burning.   Extruded stick. 

Approx 95 sticks per box.  5.5" in length.  

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