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Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo - Zuiun Aloeswood

Nippon Kodo - Zuiun Aloeswood

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Elegant aloeswood scents with deep and mellow fragrance enhanced by sandalwood, benzoin, and harmonized with a floral balsamic. 

It is said that the aroma of the aloe (agaru) tree contains all the "wisdom" of universal nature, which eliminates evil and cleanses the human soul of impurities. This meditative fragrance creates an atmosphere of memories and full awareness of this moment. Its pure aroma can be felt from afar, and when you inhale it, it brings joy.

Japanese incenses are the most sophisticated fragrances in the world.  Their packaging is an art form.  They are subtle, yet complex and are beautifully crafted.  

No bamboo core, very little smoking when burning.  Extruded stick. 

Approx 50 sticks per roll.


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